The older we get, the more we realize – time is our most precious commodity because it can’t be bought, and it can’t be gotten back. How we manage our time is one of the most important skills we need to develop, in order to get ahead in life and beat our competition.

One of the most important things you need to do is plan your week. The best time to do this is Sunday afternoon, even though you might think that’s the perfect time for you to rest. Keep in mind that 90% of your competition thinks the same way – and if you want to be a part of the winning 10%, you need to start planning ahead.

You can plan your week in the following way:

  1. Make a list of the most important things you need to do during this week – any conference calls, meetings, tasks that are nearing their deadline.
  2. Consider any personal matters you that you’ll need to attend to – like picking up your kids from school, going to a friend’s birthday and so on.
  3. Think of how you can divide the tasks during your week, so you can spend the least energy and achieve the best results – which errands can you resolve most efficiently, without having to drive for 2 hours? If the offices of two companies you need to visit are in the same area, can you do both meetings the same day? In other words – consider how you can spend your time most effectively and efficiently.
  4. All your tasks need to go on your phone calendar, so you can have reminders for each of them. Each time something new pops out that needs to fit in your schedule – you can make a decision immediately if you have all the information right in front of you.

Something else that’ll help you a lot after setting your schedule – after you know what awaits you the upcoming week, start reading up on those topics. If you have a sales meeting with a company executive – read some articles on how to handle your sales meetings better, or a chapter from a book that’s focused on the subject. This way you’ll be better and better prepared each subsequent week, and as time passes you’ll master this craft without even noticing.

Another very important thing you should do on Sunday night is reflect on what happened the previous week. Did you spend your time effectively? Did last week feel like a failure or a success? You can score it from 0 to 10 and you should be brutally honest with yourself – did you achieve what you planned to during this week? Or did you have to prepare better? What’ll you do differently next week?

The final thing would be always being on the lookout for ways to save time during your day. For example, one of our freelancers moved his workstation to his kitchen, so he wouldn’t lose time walking to different rooms when preparing food and grabbing beverages.

What did you do today to save time?