Most of the time freelancers get many leads on their website that never buy or call. People like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter or Instagram and never get in contact to ask for their services. If you already know someone has some kind of interest for your service, but hesitates to decide whether to buy from you or not, it’s time you step in and find out if there is some real money in this lead, rather than just ignore it.

If you have a person’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, or they have provided you with their email or phone number through your website, it’s game on!

Here are our 5 tips on how to close more deals as a freelancer:

Don’t be afraid to play aggressively

Sometimes freelancers are too shy and whenever they face some kind of resistance from the prospect they cease the interaction. There will always be resistance – because everybody’s first reaction when a stranger reaches out to them is to go on the defense. Most of the time they will tell you they’re not interested, and if you’re not persistent enough to find out how you can really be of benefit to them – you have lost a deal there.

Everybody has time

Most of the time people will tell you they don’t have time for you, especially if you reach out to them through the phone.

Always have in mind – everybody has time. The question is – have you made yourself worthy of their time? How can you catch their interest, so they can give them more of their time? What can you do or say, that will instantly get their attention – how can you solve a problem they might have, show them a way to save money or to make more of it?
Knowing people have more than enough time for things that are important to them is one of the most important mindsets for closing more deals as a freelancer.

Try to learn more about their business and needs


As a freelancer it would be really hard to close a deal if you don’t know where exactly your expertise will bring value to the person you’re interacting with. In order to achieve this you need to ask questions that will predispose your prospect to talk. And in order of achieving this, you need to be asking open questions, that start with “why”, ”how”, ”what” etc. Avoid asking questions whose answer would be “Yes” or “No”, as they won’t give you the information necessary to close the deal. The more information you have for a person’s needs and problems – the more you will know in what way you’ll have to propose your service and the higher the chance for the person to say Yes.

What exactly can you get out of this interaction?

As much efforts as you put in, sometimes a person doesn’t really need your service. In order for your time to not be wasted you need to ask yourself: “Okay, what else can I gain from this situation?” Can they refer you to someone who might need your service? Do you know someone who can provide the service they need?

If you do know a freelancer or a company who provides the service your prospect needs, you can simply go to this company and ask if they are interested in exchanging clients – if some of their prospects are looking for the service you are providing, ask if they can redirect them to you. This is an extra channel you can use that will send qualified leads your way and help you close more deals as a freelancer.

Provide value

If after all your efforts a person is still hesitant to buy from you – think of what you can do to provide value to them and get a chance to showcase your professionalism. The more value you provide, the more this person will feel inclined to give this value back to you, so the scales can become even in their head.

You can send interesting articles or videos to them that you have seen on LinkedIn or somewhere else, which are related to their field and might bring them value. Think of what you can do for them, that would cost you little time, energy or money – but will bring them a lot of value.

If you constantly do this, you will see that in time some of those people would start converting in to clients or refer other people to you – because you are constantly reminding them, that you exist.

So, what’s next?

If all of this makes sense to you, you can dive deeper in to this subject with our other free article “Closing more deals as a freelancer – how exactly to achieve this?” – where we will give you more detail on exactly what to say and do, so you can start applying those tips in practice immediately.