As the first quarter of 2019 is behind us, it’s time to take stock of how our freelancing business has performed so far and what to improve for the next quarter and the rest of the year.

So what are the top 5 tips for being a successful freelancer during 2019?

1. Back-up financially

Some experts say that a big economic crisis is going to tank the markets within the next couple of years. And if you’re thinking “So what does this have to do with me as a freelancer?”, the answer is Everything. You are receiving the payment for your efforts in currency, which can get seriously depreciated. Not only that, but this will affect the purchasing power of your clients, which could mean significantly less work for you as a freelancer. What mechanism do you have in place to hedge yourself if such a thing happens? How will you keep your freelancing business afloat? You can discuss with an independent financial advisor what would be the best options to invest a portion of your income, in order of getting through the hard times – and even profiting from them.

2. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect for you to take the next step

There is no such thing as perfection in freelancing and in business overall. Everything can always be done better – new technologies constantly arise, you constantly get new ideas and meet new people that can make things easier for you as a freelancer. And if you get stuck in the cycle of trying to improve your new methods before applying them in practice, there’s a big chance you will remain where you are for a long time. And if you’re not going forward, you’re actually falling behind.
So whenever you have an idea on how to improve something – test it right away. If it works – start doing it. And if it doesn’t – you’ll know that you shouldn’t waste your time to improve it.

3. Consider the emerging trends


2019 will bring a lot of opportunities for you and your clients. You need to make sure you know everything about what’s emerging in your industry, regardless of it concerning you directly or not. What are the things your clients might be investing in or shifting their attention, systems and processes to? How can you benefit from that? What new services can you offer to support them in adopting these new methods of working?

4. Think about how you can leverage and expand

Do you know any people who have influence in your industry? Who are the people in your network with the most followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube? Is there a way you can reach people you don’t know while working with people you know?
Even if nobody with such influence is close to you, start searching – at the moment the best thing you can do is work with micro-influencers. Not only their followers have a high level of trust for them, but you can get an advert on their channels really cheap. This can definitely boost your freelance career in 2019.
However, expansion comes at a cost. You need to think of what tasks and services you might need help with and find another freelancer who can provide them ahead of time. This way, when you start getting more clients than usual – you can handle the workload.

5. Practice patience

Being patient is maybe one of the rarest traits of younger people nowadays. Everyone tends to want everything “right now”, and when they start out as a freelancer and they don’t get their first clients within a month – they quit. Now think about that – if being a freelancer was easy – everybody would do it. Building your expertise, your client base, your knowledge about the industry, finding out what marketing channels will work for you – all of these things take years of work, research, reading books and articles, attending seminars, taking courses and interacting with people.

So the next time you feel like quitting because “this freelancing thing is not working”, think about the miner and the diamonds – and how they gave up just before digging through to the diamond field.

If you are still facing difficulties finding your “diamonds”, we would like to offer you the first module of our unique course – “Turning а prospect into a paying client” completely for free, so we can help you in your quest of skyrocketing your freelancing business during 2019.