Nowadays, working with independent freelancers is becoming more and more popular with many growing companies. This saves them some major expenses, such a renting or buying office space, software licensing fees, IT-related expenses and employment taxes. It also frees them of many employee-related responsibilities. This makes planning a company’s budget much easier and cost-effective, and it allows a company to pay only when an employee is needed – without having to fire them and re-hire them later, if they are needed again.

More and more people are starting to realize that they can sell their expertise as independent contractors more lucratively, compared to letting their employer buy it for pennies on the dollar.

In today’s economy, convenience and effectiveness are starting to become a priority not only for every customer, but for every employee as well. Most people would prefer to pay higher rent and be able to walk work, rather than living further away in a much bigger home but having to drive 2 hours to get to work every day.

Since freelancing gives a person the ability not only to work from home, but plan their own hours the way they want to – this trend will undoubtedly continue to grow. That’s a big reason why there has never been a greater time to get involved in freelancing than right now.

Freelancing also gives you one major advantage over being an employee of a company – it can grow into an actual business that you can later sell, should you decide to. You can’t sell your job.

Another major thing that this shift will affect – when the working environment of a person becomes less “crowded” – they usually start losing their ability to interact with other people “live”, unless their work demands it.

While in an office a person has to deal with many different personalities each day, in their home they can interact only with the same few (or in some cases with none at all). That’s why being a good salesperson in these times is a must – as this skill will become even more expensive than it is now. Mostly because less and less people will possess it.

Our recommendation would be – make sure to interact with different people daily. Try to form a small conversation with each person you have the opportunity to encounter. Be it a passenger on the subway, a cashier, or someone at the gym … because you need to keep this skill sharp constantly. You will soon realize how lucrative this actually is!

So – how many people did you talk to today?