We live in a time where relationships can be reduced to shambles instantly because of something that was said, something which lead to the other person feeling offended or unappreciated. This is because most people think relationships are meant to be perfect, be it personal or professional. However, perfection is not a human quality – instead being something we chase our entire lives, but never actually achieve.

Due to this, what’ll make other people see you as someone they want to be around is when you encourage and support them when they make a mistake, rather than judging them like most people would do.

Another really unpleasant thing that demonstrates insecurity and makes the other person perceive themselves as less significant – is trying to “top” whatever they’re saying. For example if they tell you “I was able to sell 20 policies this month. I’ve never done more than 12!” is because they feel excited that they have achieved something. Responding to this with “That’s nothing, I don’t have months with less than 50 policies” will make you feel superior for a few minutes, but can destroy the other person’s drive, and they will start seeing you as a person they wouldn’t want to be around. When someone is craving recognition, just give it to them – and next time you need it, it will be given to you.

Of course, this doesn’t mean pleasing everybody. Rather than that, take responsibility and be a leader – because true leaders don’t push others down, they lift them up. They’d only push down someone when they see he or she is acting too cocky and truly deserves to be brought down a notch.

Having a great professional relationship with someone doesn’t only mean delivering on your promises and providing an outstanding product or service – it also means having a great personal relationship with them.

Do your best to be perceived as someone who is fun to work with and is pleasant to speak to. Remember that every person has a sign over their head saying “Please listen to what I have to say. Say something good to me. I want to feel important. I want to feel special. I want to be somebody”.

Who did you make feel important today?