What mistakes to avoid when building your career and reputation as a freelancer?

That’s a question many freelancers are asking, to which the answer is not always clear. And the truth is – you may try to learn from other people’s mistakes, read about other people’s mistakes – but if you don’t have a list of what mistakes to avoid during the course of your freelancing career, you will most likely forget all this information. And what’s even worse – you might recall it after making the actual mistake, which will make you question your abilities and skills as a freelancer. So writing down the mistakes you’ve read about or learned about is crucial if you don’t want to make them – and that’s why you need to be very picky on which mistakes can apply to you and your freelancing business specifically.

For this occasion, we have prepared for you 3 potential mistakes that you can use to start this list with.

Not examining your data


Each day when working with clients you receive a ton of data, for which you may haven’t even thought of. Every piece of information you receive – how much a client is willing to pay for a certain project, what are their usual timeframe requirements, what volume of work have you received from them during the past week, month or quarter. Similar information can help you not only build a profile for each client but let you know if the volume of work is really increasing or decreasing.

As a freelancer sometimes you would feel like you’re doing a lot more work than before for a certain client, but when you check the numbers – it can turn out that you’re actually making less money from before. Such information needs to be compiled and examined regularly if you want to constantly grow your freelance career.

Being a positive thinker all the time

During recent years, there has been a misconception that “positive thinking can get you out of everything”.

Well, not really. Positive thinking can get you in to a lot more trouble, than it can get you out of if you’re a freelancer. The reason is because blindly believing that something will work out and being positive about it – is basically the worst move you can make in the competitive freelancing environment of today.

Now of course – you have to believe things will work out for you as a freelancer, but just this belief is not enough. You need to apply some critical thinking as well, so you can be prepared for the potential bumps on the road that might challenge you when trying to accomplish something.

Ever seen a person that is doing something with ease and seems like they always know what to do and say in every situation? That’s because they gave a thought on what might be coming ahead of time and got prepared. This is not a talent someone has, but is rather accomplished through critical thinking and preparation. And you as a freelancer need to be thinking ahead of time.

Taking council from the wrong people


As a freelancer you will be working from home most of the time. This means that if you’re living with other people like your parents, spouse or roommates – they will constantly be trying to give you advice on how you should do your job.

Even though sometimes they might actually give you good ideas – you should always think twice before implementing them to your freelancing business.

You must’ve heard the saying “Keep your friends close – and your enemies closer”. This applies in full for your career as a freelancer. If you give it a thought – your enemies are your competition. If you are a photographer, other photographers are taking a part of your market share and your clientele. They might even win over some of your current clients if you don’t perform well.

That’s why – you need to get close to all people you know and can find, who are doing the same thing you’re doing. These are the people, who will give you adequate advice when you need it – because they’ve already gone through what you are yet to experience.

And why would they help you?

We all like to be around like-minded people, who have the same goals and have similar interests. Not only that, but people love giving advice from their experience – it makes them feel an increased sense of self-worth, because it means they have achieved something they can teach about.

You can look for networking events and trainings related to your field, Facebook and LinkedIn groups for freelancers in your industry – and when you have all that on your fingertips, you can easily find other people like you.

So you want to be a successful freelancer? Then better start hanging around other successful freelancers.

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